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Hello everybody today I wanna show you how to do the form i-130 petition for alien relative in this section right here is gonna be only for the USCIS office only no for us we're gonna start from this section down okay right here in part one number one I am filing this petition for my and we'll have to select one who are you filing this petition for in this case I'm filing for my husband if you are filing for your husband wife you mark right there or if you are filing for your parent you mark right here or your brother or sister you mark right here or for your child you mark right here but in this form I'm filing for my husband number two if you are filing this petition for your child or parent select the box that describes your relationship only one box okay so number number one and here says child was born to parents who we're married to each other at the time of each child's birth you that's the case you're gonna mark right here right here says a stepchild step parent if that's the case you mark right here this other option choice child was born to parents who we're not married to each other at the time of that child's birth if that's the case to mark here and this other one child was adopt not an orphan then you will mark right here but this section is only if you are filing the petition for your child or your parent okay but in this example is for the spouse okay number three if the beneficiary is your brother or sister are you related by adoption and if that's the case you're gonna say yes but if is not the case you're gonna say no okay number four did you gain lawful permanent resident status or citizenship through adoption they are asking that about us the petitioner okay so in that case I didn't get that through the adoption that's not my case so I say no and in here in the number three so these weren't dancing also it is not applied to me either so because I'm now I'm not filing these for a brother or sister so I say no also okay and then right here in part and part two information about you petitioner so this is ours I mean this is me our section number one alien registration number this is an a number that is going to be an your green card and you're gonna type it type it right there number to USCIS online account number if any in this case I don't have any number so I always like to say na if it doesn't apply number three social security number if any I do have a social security number I'll write it died right there your full name they want my name the petitioners name okay so for.