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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-864a joint tax return

Instructions and Help about i-864a joint tax return

Hello everybody this is John from USA mundo welcome back and thanks for watching if you shall first time on my channel as always welcome today I have another video for you guys on today's Q&A Friday episode number 69 in this episode as always I'm gonna answer a question one of my viewers send me on YouTube just stay tuned and I'll be right back USA moon live free or die send me this message on YouTube hi I fight for my parent but I'm not working but my husband works but we do file that's both what can I do in this situation who can sponsor them thank you hello live free and tense for your question first what this is not illegal advice okay so the question sent me it was like oh you are falling now I want to repetition for your parent and now you are not working but your husband is working but you guys no follow on jointly and you wondering what you can do in this situation who's gonna be responsible if you petition for a relative either your children your siblings or your parent you know they're our financial responsibility is the main thing okay you know to sponsor your or your relative you had to improve the US government that you're gonna be financial or responsible once they come to United States of America that's one of the reason why we found we found affidavit of support form okay but in your situation you don't even have income or you see your husband is the one who's owned who who is bringing the income so what you can do in this situation is so to use your husband as a household member and you yourself as a principle sponsor even though you are not working you still gonna be the principle sponsor because you are filing the petition for your parent okay that's your relative it's not your husband relative that's reason why he gotta be the household or member okay if you work in the past the last three years on provides those document those tasks document that will help as well even though you are not working this year the reason why your husband is gonna be the high school members because you have to let him know that he's gonna be financially responsible as well because you guys on file you don't have to separate your income from your husband's income you don't even have an income this year but if you do have an income you're still cannot separate your income for your husband income but your husband would be the household or member okay so if the income your husband is bringing it's not enough to sponsor your parent one thing you can do also is to look for a joint sponsor or somebody who gonna help you sponsor your parents but that joint sponsor income alone has to be one hundred twenty five.