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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-864 sample filled form

Instructions and Help about i-864 sample filled form

Hi guys it's me Georgey on this video I'll show you what I included in me in my affidavit of support again this is my third sub packet on the i-485 application now that goes here and so I have a cover page okay and then I will have a cover letter now cover letter is not about me now cover letter is the petitioner which is my husband so my husband did or made this or he should be the signatory because this is his affidavit of support all the information included here are heads so what are the things that are included would be these and that and then that's in here so I know exactly if they're complete or not now it's form I for or I've formed eight six four okay now make sure that you sign at the back okay just fill out I'll probably make a video on what I wrote there okay I'm just going to do this very fast so that's employment certificate of employment um this one is dated sell this year February two thousand two thousand eighteen because I used this as well on my interview I thought I need to show this but I did not so I did not ask my husband to get another one cuz anyway it's still recent and he still is with the company and then this is the recent three months tab or base pay stubs so he got his pay weekly so I make sure I have four in each of them recent twelve weeks okay so Music hmm okay and then another one two three four all right so this is his w2 of this first is his 1099 and then because my husband may move to company he he he was LLC he kind of owned the nut kind of he owns the business he has his own license as a painter and then so he he files for his own taxes I mean he receives 1099 but then he moved to the Union so that's why last year he has from June no from he has w-2 he moved in July to the Union so July 2021 up until December 2021 so that's why I I put there 2021 w2 1099 and this is the 1040 okay okay let me show you how it looks like for sure you know how it looks like I'm here in the United States I learned that because it you know it's really different because in the Philippines if you are employed automatically your company files for your taxes right but not here they will give you that w2 1099 and then you will still have to to file the taxes you still have to file it and so I have this is the one that that files the taxes this is the 1040 it has to have 1040 in there so this is 1099 and then this is w2 and then.