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Sample i-864a affidavit of support Form: What You Should Know

I grant the above described permission in the event of a change in residence from my own property to the specified dwelling by the spouse, provided that my change in residence does not significantly affect my income by way of rental values of my own property. NOTE: You don't have to use Form I-864A for sponsors with multiple children. I, THE HOUSEHOLD MEMBER, under Section 214(b)(3)(A) (fiscal year 2014), waive all requirements for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as required by Subchapter I of Chapter 11 of the U.S. code. I, THE HOUSEHOLD MEMBER, sign this document voluntarily and voluntarily before a judge or before any other competent authority. Furthermore, I, the household member, understand that if I choose to not sign, I understand full and complete that I am making such a unilateral decision and no one will have a say in this matter. Furthermore, I hereby freely consent to the terms and conditions of this document, and to being a party to the proceedings that are the responsibility of the U.S. Government and of our family in the event that I am found ineligible for any reason. Furthermore, I authorize my estate to receive the income and property of this house. This consent is a legal document and binding upon me. Sep 26, 2024 — USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) issues the I-864A contract between sponsor and household member Sep 30, 2024 — At the conclusion of the hearing on this Affidavit of Support, USCIS approves or denies the affidavit of support NOTE: USCIS's decision is final in all matters. If you were married for 5 or more years, use the same Affidavit of Support form to apply for a family based immigrant visa. If you were a foreign student for 5 or more years, use the same form to apply for a nonimmigrant visa. If you were a U.S. citizen for 15 years or more, use the same form to apply for a green card. The Affidavit of Support is one of several supporting documents required to obtain a green card.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sample form i-864a affidavit of support

Instructions and Help about Sample form i-864a affidavit of support

Hi everyone, hopefully you enjoyed my videos on the green card process. Today, I'm going to start discussing the i-864 forum and the cover letter. I hope you find it useful. Thank you so much for watching. Okay, so let's continue on the USCIS homepage. Click on the forum in the top left corner. This is the affidavit of support i-864, click on it. To get the form, click on the form link. It will open for us. The expiration date is still available till next year, which is perfect. Now, let's start filling out the form. Part 1 states that "I am a sponsor." Fill in your first name and last name, and then click on the appropriate option. The form will proceed to part 2. In part 2, we need to provide information about the principal beneficiary, which could be either you or someone you are supporting. Fill in the family name and given name. Next, provide the mailing address and the name of the person authorized to receive mail under their name. If you have more than one citizenship, mention the last one or the one you want on your green card as your citizenship. Next, enter your date of birth and your USCIS number if applicable. Provide a telephone number for USCIS to contact you. Check the indicating that you are the sponsor. Provide the full name of the person you are sponsoring. If you do not have any family members, move on to page 3. Page 3 asks you to enter the total number of immigrants you have sponsored. For us, it will be only one, so we enter "1". Provide the sponsor's full name again and their mailing address. The form asks if the current and mailing address are the same. If yes, select "yes." If no, provide the...