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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sample form i-864a affidavit of support

Instructions and Help about sample form i-864a affidavit of support

Hi everyone hopefully enjoyed my videos for the you know green card process and I'm hoping it was useful for you today I'm gonna start the forum i-864 and then after that the cover letter hopefully you enjoy it thank you so much for watching okay we are again in this page USCIS homepage we're clicking on that and the left corner is the forum so here this is the affidavit of support i-864 click on that and then for getting the farm we're just clicking on this farm things it's gonna open it right now for us okay there you go and then expiration is still is available till next year perfect and then the forum we are starting it from there part 1 which is says I am in a sponsor so you the person that is gonna sponsor you they're gonna put their first name and last name and then they're gonna click on this one and then it's gonna go back to the part two and then about the principal which is gonna be me or you that you know they're gonna support you so family name name and then we're gonna go here the mailing address we're gonna put the mailing address and the person that is the pear and the mail is under their name so then it's gonna be country of citizenship again you know you rather to put the one that actually is gonna be on your green card so just put that if you have a more than one citizenship as I asked it's better you just mentioned the last one or the one that acts as I said you wanna put it in your green card as their you know your citizenship so here is a date of birth then if you a number USCIS they a telephone number of you for catching you and then this one here I am a sponsor yes they put yes and then the person that is actually you know their sponsor and then family when family to nothing I don't have any of those so I'm just gonna go to the page tree page tree says enter the total number of immigration you've got a sponsor which for us is gonna be only one so we put in here one and then a sponsor full name again so the person that is gonna sponsor you we putting their name and then the address mailing address we're putting all this here and then it says is it the current and current mailing address is the same it says yes if is no then you have to feel the you know number four which is here but for us is same so we are not gonna feel that other information so for your the petitioner is gonna put their country of domicile United State then it's gonna be their date of birth and here's a state again and then the social security number of.