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How much do I need to prove that I can support myself in the US when I win a DV lottery?
There is no fixed amount of money you must have access to, to be a successful DV winner and visa holder. The immigrant should show ownership of property and assets, a job offer in the US, or that the immigrant is already living legally in the United States with a job that pays a sufficient income, in order to overcome the public charge ground of inadmissibility. For example, you may submit:a job offer letter from a US employer, or pay stubs from existing employment in the US.copies of bank statements showing current balance, or preferably a bank statement showing annual deposits and withdrawals as well as current balance, and how the money will be transferred to the US.copies of land deeds or other evidence of real estate ownership, along with any mortgage statements showing the amount of remaining debtcopies of documents showing ownership of insurance policiesevidence of other income, such as from investments or royalties.Having a Sponsor Sign Form I-134 Affidavit of SupportIf the immigrants' sources of financial support are not sufficient on their own, one possibility is to find a US sponsor to fill out an Affidavit of Support on Form I-134, issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
How can I become a nurse in USA if I am from India?
If you haven't already completed your nursing degree, you could apply to US nursing schools.If you’ve already completed a four year nursing degree from India, you need to take the NCLEX (a nurse licensing exam) in order to be a qualified Registered Nurse. You could study further if you want to be an Advanced Practice Nurse (eg. neonatal nurse, emergency nurse, surgical nurse etc.) by applying to appropriate Masters programs.If you have a bachelors degree in a field unrelated to nursing, but want to make a career switch to nursing, you can apply to masters programs in nursing. Most programs accept anyone with any bachelors degree.It’s not too hard for a person from a different country to be qualified as a nurse in the US as long as you have a recognized four year degree. It's much harder for doctors though.
For a Canadian visitor visa application, do we need to have a booked flight ticket?
Booked flight ticket isn’t one of the requirements when applying for a Visitor Visa for Canada but it is highly encouraged to submit one to prove your purpose of travel. You basically need the following documents:1) Valid passport. With a remaining one year validity. Scan the bio-page,2) Duly accomplished Form IMM5257. This is the Application for Visitor Visa Form. Fill it out digitally and truthfully. (This works on Internet Explorer and the latest Form I 864a /4421209 Affidavit Of Support Form Reader version),3) Duly accomplished Form 5645. This requires your Family Information which shall also be filled out digitally,4) 2 passport size photos (35mm x 45mm). Must be photographed within the last six months. See complete photo specifications here,5) Proof of income/financial capability. This shall include Bank Certificate/Bank Statement within the last 4 months, Certificate of Employment and Income Tax Return (for employees, self-employed and digital nomads), School Records such as Enrollment Receipt/Certificate (For Students), Business Permits (for business owners), as well as Condominium/Car/Land Titles (if any).6) Affidavit of Support. This only applies if somebody else is paying for your trip. Also, attach his/her proof of financial capability,7) Travel history. Scanned copy of your visas (whether valid or expired) as well as entry/exit stamps. Make sure just to put everything in 1 file, AND8) Purpose of Travel. Your flight and hotel reservations and day-to-day itinerary.Check out this article to know more: How To Apply For A Canadian Tourist Visa
If an American citizen marries a Mexican citizen in Mexico, what is the process for the Mexican citizen to be able to come to the United States?
My first wife was a Mexican citizen, born and raised in Mexico. I met her in her home town of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico during spring break. I was a college student in the US at the time, and had decided a Spring break in Mexico might be a lot more exciting than a crowded Florida beach. Originally headed for Tampico, I and my traveling companions got stranded in her hometown when our car broke down.She was maestra (teacher) and I would not have met her at any other time, because the school she taught at was far from her home, and she only came home on Samana Santa (Easter) and Navidad (Christmas).Anyway, I was captivated by her, and I spent all my major college breaks driving down from the US to her hometown in Mexico to see her. Two years after we first met, we married there in her hometown.So as two young clueless newlyweds we set off together for Mexico City • to the US Embassy to get a green card for her to accompany me back to the US. At the US Embassy, a US consul officer advised us that there was a six-month queue ahead of us, and that we would get faster service, maybe three days, at the US Consulate in Tampico.So we headed off to Tampico. And sure enough, three days later she had her green card package to give US immigration. Five days after that we crossed the border into the US, US immigration took about an hour reviewing her green card paperwork, then sent us on our way.That was some fifty years ago. Back then we did not need passports to travel between the US and Mexico, the paperwork was less, and there was no Homeland Security to worry about.But the process has not changed a lot. I believe there is still a simplified process for spouses from Mexico. There may be more forms to fill out, the application fee is much higher, and Homeland Security likely has to do a background check and issue an approval. So the waiting period is bound to be a little longer. And I think maybe the US ConOffice may have move to Veracruz.The US immigration process is easy to find. You don’t really need an immigration attorney. Just visit the official US government website at USCIS Homepage You can download all the forms you need to fill out.If you are the Mexican national, then you have to be mostly concerned about having official/original copies on your birth certificate, police report. marriage certificate, divorce certificates (if previously married.)If you are the US national, then you are the petitioner, and you have to put the application package together. you will also need official/original copies of your birth certificate, and divorce certificates (if previously married). You will likely also have to fill out a affidavit of support. While it may not be mandatory, I highly recommend that you should be with your dearly intended for any and all their interviews.I would think your biggest issue would be whether to marry first in Mexico, or get a fiancee visa and marry in the US. If you decide to marry in Mexico first, you have to get permission from the Mexican government first. So don’t neglect to get it, or your marriage won’t be valid.
How should a petitioner fill in Part 5 Household Size of the form I-864 Affidavit of support if he would like to sponsor 2 principal immigrants at the same time? Each family has 4 members.
Each principal beneficiary (and their family) is petitioned with a separate I-130 petition, and each I-130 petition has a separate I-864 Affidavit of Support. Each family’s I-864 does not count the other family in the “family members” in Part 3 (note that it says “Do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petition.”).If the two I-864s are filed at the same time for the two families, then each family’s I-864’s household size (Part 5) would just count the number of people immigrating in that family, which is 4 (item 1), the petitioner (item 2), and the petitioner’s spouse (item 3), dependent children (item 4), and other tax dependents (item 5), if there are any. It would not count anyone from the other family.On the other hand, if one I-864 is filed for one family, and that family has already immigrated before the second I-864 is filed for the other family, then the first family’s members will need to be counted in Part 5 item 6 (people sponsored on Form I-864 who are now lawful permanent residents) for the second family’s I-864.
What proof do you need to get a restraining order against someone?
Absolutely nothing beyond the word of the complainant. I heard about something known as an "ex parte" restraining order, and even asked several professionals on Quora. A court can kick you out of your home from a few wekks to a few motnhs without even hearing you first.Completely biased against the accused. If you go to the same university, workplace as the accuser or live in the same house, you will not be able to go there, on pain of a criminal penalty. Furthermore, you will have to bear the costs of finding a temporary residence. People who obtain orders under false testimonies are almsot never prosecuted, because "who's got time for that?"If you are rich enough to still be able to affoard a lawyer after having your life become a complete mess, you can sue them for dmaages in civil court, which means they might spend a day or two in jail.....Yeah, scary right? Legislators havent even implemented mandatory minimum sentences for abusing ex parte orders.
How do I fill out Form B under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code? Does the affidavit require a stamp paper?
Affidavit is always on stamp paper
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