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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 130 i 864

Instructions and Help about i 130 i 864

In this interview we are going to give you five CIS marriage fraud interview tips for 2021 that you haven't seen on any other listicles that sounds good stick around I'm Trent Williams this is Donnie and ennoble this is bull city lawyer TV our channel is all about giving immigrants reliable information that they can use to make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes when going through the immigration application process with CIS the Department of State or consulates abroad if you like that then subscribe because we're trying to make a lot of videos lawyers usually give up on this YouTube thing we're trying to be not one of the casualties let's get right into it we're going to give you five CIS marriage fraud interview tips for 2021 we've actually looked at responses from lawyers that have been a marriage fraud interviews since President Trump has taken office and we want to give you some tips that we've learned from those conversations I'm gonna start with number one you want to avoid a situation where as you're walking into an interview with your partner or with your lawyer or with an advocate or with an interpreter where you have the sudden urge to come clean or just tell somebody something that you didn't want to tell them in the preparation leading up to the interview this happens more than you think for the beneficiary it's usually something along the lines of whoops I was married before and I didn't tell you because I was afraid that you would think XYZ or whoops I actually had a fake passport or whoops I had X number of undocumented entries that I didn't disclose for the petitioner it's usually something along the lines of actually I don't love my spouse anymore and you want to avoid doing this right before the interview again we are in the USCIS field office you're walking into the interview and you go oh I got to come clean and you pull your partner's side or your attorney what you need to be doing instead is in the preparatory time leading up to the filing of your form you need to be disclosing everything if you can't be honest with your partner or with your lawyer about your past then chances are you are not ready to do the adjustment of status interview the marriage front interview anyway tip number two always make eye contact with your interviewer and never interrupt him or her what never in a row what never in a rut I had so we all go through this in life you're in a you know conversation you interrupt a person a lot of times it's not significant for us as attorneys we're never allowed to interrupt the judge if we interrupt the judge odds are our case won't go the way we want it to judge the same goes for you if you are constantly interrupting your interviewer but do.