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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i864a for parents

Instructions and Help about i864a for parents

Okay guys how you doing welcome to fighting dog so we have a bunch of video happy to find different type of phone to the alternative today we're going to talk about US citizen filing for parents so if you are a citizen you can fight for your more durable father you can also find by the way for your stepparent okay so let's make it clip you can fight for your step pad as long as the marriage a curved before you're 18 years old so if your parents get married after you get 18 you know you cannot fight for your stepparent so you know the word your parent will need to come in unison after that I don't know either you your mother your father gonna fight for for his or stops okay let me be clear you can fight for your stepparent only if the marriage occurred before you get it in okay today we're going to talk about the pussies to fight for you more than your father by the way let make this clear to some people think is it possible and I have my mother and my father so if they're married just fight for my for one parent and then you're the parent may come under the same the same petitions that so that's not possible if you were to fight for your parent you need to file a separate petition for your model and a stupid bitch and for your father it should be civilly so you're gonna have to find - I want a t1 for your mother one your father it is same thing for your stepper you cannot fight on phone you will need to fight one for your parent one for this deadline that's the way forgive us o okay now let's talk about what you need to fight for your model you father of your step right okay let's see what do you mean what do you mean you're gonna need okay father we see you want to fight for your father okay for money they say you need to submit your glove certificate showing your name and your mother's name so you will need your birth certificate in this case I got the person birth certificate right here so most likely the birth certificate genuinely it it's it's another language you will need to translate it okay okay you will need to transfer the birth certificate of the u.s. it is it okay if it's really an angry that's fine but understand the birth certificate normally would show the name of the pair otherwise that might be that's gonna be a problem based on where to to get out of it maybe you will need DNA test if if he didn't him up your parent if there is no if the name of your parent you know it's not on your birth certificate okay I remember I saw one of this case the person.