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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 864 waiver

Instructions and Help about i 864 waiver

Hello my name is Benjamin hard I'm an American attorney and the managing director of integrity legal here in Bangkok Thailand in this video as the title suggests will be discussing the i-864 W form again briefly and within a limited context what is the i-864 w it's actually a rather interesting form I have used it primarily in the context of child Citizenship Act cases those are cases in which there's an American citizen parent of a child born outside the United States or well no can be born inside the United States but child born outside the United States to an American citizen parent and that parent could not automatically transmit United States citizenship at the time of the child's birth for more information specifically on the child Citizenship Act and ramifications there up I suggest checking out the video specific to the child Citizenship Act on this channel but that being said moving forward there are scenarios where an American citizen can father can sire or give birth to a child abroad and not be able to automatically transmit their United States citizenship at the time of birth this is based on statutory relevant statutory law with respect to this issue a requisite amount of physical presence in the United States needs to be met in order to automatically transmit birthright citizenship to a US citizen child born abroad in those instances where that does not occur it is possible for the American citizen to file an immigrant visa petition on behalf of the underlying child and go ahead and process that immigrant visa petition through the relevant organs of the Department Homeland Security and then go ahead and conprocess the visa petition at a US Embassy or US consulate abroad under those circumstances under normal circumstances when processing an immigrant visa you're going to need to use forms such as the i-864 in the united 64a for more information on both of those forms i suggest checking out their respective videos on this channel but going back to the IH 64 w in the in the instance instances involving american citizen parents with non transmitted us non-us citizen children and this is specifically within the context or I guess yes it would specifically be in the context of minor children the i-864 w is going to be necessary what is it well the rh 64 w is an interesting form because in general the i-864 creates a Woodhouse what I say it creates a financial obligation on the signer with respect to various merit-based or I should say needs based benefits in the United States so if the signer of ia 64 brings an American citizen spouse from the United States and let's say they get divorced and then that immigrant spouse goes on to aid with aid to families with dependent children or some other need-based for life we've got a term welfare initiative in the United States under those circumstances the person.