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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 864 family member

Instructions and Help about i 864 family member

Our own basis for filing the affidavit of support us he is want to know who is filing this affidavit of support anyone that is filing this affidavit of support has to tap his or her complete complete name here so tap your complete name here so that I just took an example okay top anyone you have to tap your complete name here then you have to check only one of these six books just only one you have to check okay you should check the box one eight that state I am the petitioner I file it or I am falling for the immigration of my relatives you will check this box on a if you are a petitioner who is filing or it will file it before I 129 F for a fiance form i-130 for a family member form I 604 and often okay if you are a petitioner by petitioner we mean the US citizens or permanent resident we will quest USCIS a green card that the green card we call it also permanent residence for your relatives this relative can be fiancee husband wife child sister border parent okay No you will check 1b if you are a petitioner that is filing or it will be fired the form I 140 this is the case where your relatives is an alien worker okay you will indicate here how you are related to this alien worker is it your wife border sister you will indicate how you are related to these alien worker child it's up to you know what about 1c you will check one see if a company in which you have 5% of answers is filing or has filed before I 134 your alien worker okay so you will tap the name of the company here let's say bells girls thank you will tell the name of the company and then you will n de Kate here how you are related to this alien worker is it your son daughter so and Akito you will lead it okay so 1 a 1 B 1 C is mainly for petitioner but you have to choose one of them that is apply for you now what about one D someone else a friend or a family member can also agree to file this affidavit of support lack a trans sponsor or a substitute sponsor ok 1 D 1 it is for some Alex for response and substitutes sponsor okay no you will check 1d if you are the only transponder okay the transponder can be a fun family member if you are the only transport so that mean there is no order droid sponsor since we can have to join sponsor if you are the only train sponsor you will check 1d the transponder is not the petitioner okay we said it can be fun our family member will agree to fight the affidavit of support because the income of the petitioner didn't.